We have discontinued running public classes.

Thank you for your support in the past year.

We now move on to new things….

Love and Smiles from Sharyn and Niall

Sat. morning 9th Feb.

We are really enjoying the Sat. morning classes. They have been going for a month now. It really is a great way to start the weekend. I sometimes feel tired and lazy on a sat morning before the class, but it is so inspiring to sing  together and listen to each other that I quickly forget that thought.

This week we did a walking note change warmup, singing and listening to thank you and hello which are phrases that are often sung, guide me home song game, some more singing and listening and a mini 3D song. It was an inspiring and motivating hour to share.

The cake cafe is a local cafe where we go afterwards if they have room for us and before our class if we are early enough to have time. Their tea comes in fancy teapots, and their cake is all homemade and their food is all high quality and full of love. And all the staff are super friendly! 

New weekly classes

So we have started weekly classes. We had the 1st one on Sat. It went really well. We had 2 singers willing and open to free their singing voices. They were both great. Admittedly, they had some fear of singing in public which is one of the reasons we are running this class, but they both did it. Singing through fear is just so powerful. Actions speak louder than words. All those thoughts about not being able to sing etc. will not just disappear over night, but choosing instead to listen to something else is a powerful statement that demonstrates you will not listen to that fear anymore. We thought it would be a nice idea for us all to sing a song together at the end of each class too. So if you are coming along you are welcome to bring a suggestion of a song for us to sing together. 

Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.
Henry Van Dyke
Thank You

It is very encouraging for us that so many people send us messages thanking us for our work and show interest in what we are doing. We get messages from all around the world! Pretty amazing. We really love Singing Day! La la la la la - (That is my little burst of song) Mostly we are doing this with groups of people in schools and businesses. Soon we will be starting a 6 week course in Dublin that anyone can join, which we are very excited about. At the moment we are looking for a suitable venue and then we will be ready to sing. 

Also since we have started this work, we have noticed other groups popping up offering non-judgmental singing classes. It is great to see that the idea is catching on. 

Yessss!!!! I love this work.

The inspirational and abundantly talented Sharyn Cunneen and I presented two Singing Day workshops at the D-Rhythms sleepover in Slí na Bandé, Co. Wicklow on the weekend. All involved helped to make it a rewarding and deeply satisfying journey of self-discovery and rapid learning. 

On behalf of Sharyn and me, thank you, all you amazing people for adding so much to what Singing Day is all about- true expression, honesty and connection.


A Quick Post-Workshop Post

I feel truly honoured and privileged to be in a position to bring the Singing Day project to the world. Last night’s session with the lovely people of the Attic Studio in Dublin has shown me all over again how valuable this work is and how versatile and applicable it is to every area of life. I really feel it’s something everyone can benefit from. I know that I continue to get more and more out of the exercises involved. 

Thanks and love to you all you Attic goers, and thank you everyone who takes part in Singing Day

Shar-Shar and  Niallie :^D

Workshop Day

YaY! We are going to a meeting tonight called “The Attic” It is a group for actors. We are going to do our Singing Day mini Workshop with them. We are looking forward to sharing it and seeing how it will all unfold. Hopefully we will meet some people interested in doing our singing weekend too…. We’ll see how it goes. Lalalala doodoodoodoodooooooo :) (That’s my attempt at typed singing to myself)

Successful Night

Our talk and mini workshop at The Buddha Bag on Thurs. went really well. We really enjoyed presenting and talking about what we do. We are really grateful to everyone for fueling it with their enthusiasm and positivity and also of course their willingness to try something new. We already have 2 people signed up for our weekend in May after only less than a week of putting it out there. It really seems like its gonna be a very rewarding weekend for everyone. I am really so very grateful to be doing this. We are reaping the benefits of course too for ourselves. It has been said that people teach what they also need to learn. And what better way to learn than to teach at the same time! 

A day with a difference

Me and Niall havn’t spoken to each other all day! And we’ve been awake for hours. Whats goin’ on?? We are Singing to each other all day! :) We are singing instead of talking. And doing a few singing “exercises”. We have just sang to each other for 15 mins each and listened to each other for 15 mins each. It can be a bit challenging, but well worth it. Lightens the load as they say….